How to write a Resume

How to write a Resume?

A resume cover sheet and a resume are two important aspects that an individual prepares for the purpose of impressing their prospective employers to get their desired position.

Before doing an interview, resume is the one that will grasp the thought of the potential employer about you.

If you desire for a job, you need to work hard in your resume because it will make the first start for you to astound your employer.

It is difficult to make a perfect resume; there will be a lot of revisions before you can say that “this is my best resume”. Remember to keep important details that will seize the interest of your employer. The content should include your skills, achievements, accomplishments, educational attainment, and work experiences that will surely boost the chance to be accepted in your preferred establishment. It does not need to be long, just make it simple and brief but full of significant and interested details about you. Have it readable and consistent.

Knowing what to write in your resume will make you achieve good and presentable resume. The following aspects are here to include:

  • Personal information – your full name, current address, contact numbers and email address
  • Mention your objectives – this will be useful to elucidate our path and career goals for a specialized position. Avoid general and ambiguous statements. Instead, make your objective clear and specific. Specify what you can do for the company, how can you serve the company and what can you expect from the chosen company.
  • Educational background – list your educational achievements and your educational degree from where you start.
  • Work experience – state if you have prior works before including your job description, job title, name of the company, your position in the company and achievements that you have received.
  • Skills – your potentials that will make you unique from anyone and try o include if you are fluent in different languages where communication is important especially in the workplace, knowledgeable and proficiency in the use of technology especially computer
  • You may include seminars or trainings that you have undergone.