Resume Template

For all who wants to learn how to make a good and competently an ideal resume, regardless if you are not a college graduate or still no working experiences yet, you can be guided by the following hints which will help you to write your own resume.

There are ways on where can you make your resume, it can be place in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher wherein there is already a layout form of resume format and all you need to do is to fill up the information listed in the said resume. Aside from having a resume Template in this two Microsoft Office, you have the power to make it more attractive and unique one by putting designs, colors and borders that will create a pleasant view in the readers aside of course of the content that you stated in the resume.

  • Try to make your resume into 1 page only if it is possible.
  • There must be adjustment of margins from the typical word document that we constantly do.
  • Make your font style and font size readable and avoid several font colors, it will only give the reader hard time of reading your resume.
  • Have your headings particularly on the important topics to be included and must be seen in your resume. These are the following important things while making a cv template:

Personal Information


Educational Attainment


Working experiences

Leadership skills

Communication skills

Information technology skills



  • Remember to check your grammar and spelling and be particular to your chosen words when you make your resume
  • Once you’re done, make a review if the content is concise but comprehensive
Resume Template

Resume Template